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Download the Music Department Handbook
Complete the  Absence Request Form
- Please complete as soon as you know about a conflict.
- Visit the Calendar Page to verify dates and times.
Private Lessons Form
- Want to start your child on private lessons?  Complete this form and secure your spot with one of our talented teachers weekly during band class.
Concert Dress Requirement
- For all students in grades 6, 7, and 8, concert dress will be defined as "all black".  All students who attend concerts with proper attire will perform and receive full credit.  Don’t feel that you have to buy all new clothes, borrowing or buying second hand is certainly acceptable. All concert dress clothes must follow the CGMSC dress code as well.  Brown, or blue will not work so if acquiring the proper concert dress will be a hardship for your family, please contact your guidance counselor right away. 8th Grade boys will be provide a red tie.  Ties are not required for 7th or 6th grade. 



How can Parents Help?
- Many times parents are not sure how to help their young musician.  Here are some tips, strategies, to help and some benefits for making a lasting part of your child's future.

Trojans Give Back Sponsorship Drive
- As we have done for the past 10 years, we are now holding our Trojans Give Back service project and sponsorship drive.
New Music Projects
- The band department prides itself on commissioning and performing new works for middle school concert band in an effort to embody the true essence of the CGMSC school mission.  In the past eight years, CGMSC Band has been a part of five commissions, one Indiana premiere and two world premieres. Creating music is an important activity for CGMSC band students for several reasons, the most notable being the interaction with a composer.  By commissioning new works, students have the ability to discuss with the composer his/her aesthetic intentions and gain insight that future musicians can only read from the score.   Students in the CGMSC Band Program are excited to perform for you and bring life to musical creations both new and old.  

Pulsation, A “Groove” for “Grove”       Richard L. Saucedo 

This is the first commission of which the CGMSC Concert band was a part.  It was commissioned in 2008 for a district honor band assembled by Samuel Fritz and Michael Bolla, the band director and music department chair at our sister middle school Center Grove Middle School North.  The “Groove” is created by giving students a chance to play in mixed meter using a 4/4, 6/8 alternating pattern.  The work also includes a clapping section complete with a vocal “shout” leading the piece to the climatic ending.


A Flicker in Time       Benjamin Dean Taylor - Commission and World Premiere


Motorcycle Time        Benjamin Dean Taylor – World Premiere


Epic Bacon Funk       Benjamin Dean Taylor – Commission and World Premiere

for solo saxophone and band       


Our Puzzle                  Benjamin Dean Taylor  – Commission and World Premiere

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